Why an Ethical SEO Company Won’t Guarantee Results

Ethical SEO Company

Want to know the best way to tell if you’re taking to a salesman or an ethical seo company? A salesman will guarantee that they’ll make your site #1 for every search term that you want to rank. They’ll tell you that no keyword is to difficult to rank quickly. An ethical seo specialist will tell you that they’ll work hard to get your website to the first page of Google, but that they can’t guarantee you’ll be number one. Here are a few reasons why.

SEO Is Important, but We Don’t Own Google

SEO is done within Google, but the seo firm you’re working with doesn’t own Google. It’s not like it’s their program and they can just insert your site into any position on Google that you want. A good seo agency knows what Google wants to see and will do the necessary work to keep your site in line with those parameters. At the end of the day, it’s Google’s court and we’re playing on it.

Google Is Ever Changing and Doesn’t Send Out a Notice

Have you ever seen a sign on the road saying that the road you drive is going to be repaired next week, so change your route to get where you want to go? You could say you were notified in advance and you may even have been given a detour. When Google updates or changes its algorithm it doesn’t send out an email to everyone, saying that they made the change and here’s the new work around. Nope, most people don’t get advanced notice. They just wake up and notice a drop in rank in their site. They may find an seo article online explaining the update or they may not. Google doesn’t have to tell anyone what they’re up to.

New SEO Tactics Are Always Coming Out

When Google makes a change in their algorhitim, so does your seo manager. What used to work perfectly needs to be modified. What worked last year, certainly isn’t working this year. That’s why a good seo agency keeps abreast of all the changes in Google and all of the latest workarounds. The seo landscape is always evolving and you need to be reading up on it every day to keep up with it. For example, in the 90’s you used to be able to write your keyword on your page 100 times or so, and boom, your site was on it’s way to number 1. Today, that is called keyword stuffing and is a spam tactic. Do that and your site is on it’s way to number 0.

Should I Stay With My SEO Company if My Rank Drops?

There are a number of reasons that this could have happened so don’t jump the gun. As we said before, an algorithim change in Google could have caused it, so the next seo agency you call won’t know anything more than your current one. Just ask, “Hey, have their been any algorithm updates on Google that may have caused this?” Talk it out and give them a chance to bring your rankings back up

By the Way, You Have Competition

Just so you know, you have competition, and if they see you ranking above them, they won’t like it. Not everyone uses white hat tactics. At some point, you may end up with a spam link attack against your site. Don’t worry, these links can be taken down. That’s why you need someone looking at your seo link profile every month.

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